Where Is The Damn Baby

Where is the Damn Baby

Pseudocyesis is “the belief that you are expecting a baby when you are not really carrying a child, according to Web MD. Women suffering from this condition have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy, but they are not pregnant.
So, I am trying to understand how a women can talk themselves into looking so pregnant that people believe them.
What the hell are you going to do when a baby is supposed to show up?
I am not speaking on something extreme like the many news stories we have seen about stolen babies, but again, what other lie will you tell to explain the absent baby?


Most recently Barbara Bienvenue, a women in Quebec, faked her nine months of pregnancy of quintuplets. And yes she was huge at the end of her fake pregnancy. So, I can see how her boyfriend, who she met on a social media site …. Oh and they knew each other about a month when she announced her pregnancy, believed her.


This is known as a phantom pregnancy. And the physicians say that these women really believe they are pregnant and are not trying to intentionally deceive anyone.

These women actually stop menstruating, feel nauseous, gain weight, have food cravings and feel the fake baby move. This type of occurrence is more likely to happen with when that have suffered from multiple miscarriages and/or have issues with fertility.

A more shocking and unbelievable story of a women and a false pregnancy ended in an emergency surgical procedure. A 37-year old women in Brazil showed up in a hospital with documented proof of her prenatal treatment. Her belly was large and round and complaining of sharp pain. The doctors believed this patient that said she was 41 weeks pregnant. So, when they did not hear the baby’s heartbeat, she had an emergency cesarean in hope of saving. The unborn baby.

To the medical team’s amazement, there was no baby to save.


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