What Is A Life Coach?


We support our clients to improve from where they are now, to the next stages of their development. For some that is wealth and for others it is health.


Most of our clients come to us with a specific area of their lives that they are looking for improvement in. As we focus on that area, we also look at how to support them to have balance and improvement in these 10 areas: career / work / money, resiliency (how they deal with difficulties), relationship, fun / leisure, environment (home, car, clothes), spirituality, education / personal development, physical health, mental health, and family.

In many cases it is some of these other areas that are the cause of the issue (effect) that they are experiencing. As an example one of our clients wanted support about keeping their environment cleaner and as we supported them with tools and systems to do that, they also uncovered that as they improve their relationships and physical health, their environment stayed clean.

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I am embracing everything positive as I enjoy this journey through life. As a LIFE COACH, I focus on bringing extraordinary changes in lives of my clients. By empowering us ALL … the world will be magnificent and full of love. We must #ShareOurLoveLight to keep the light of the universe bright. Instagram.com/makebaevans

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