Waffle House Harassment

Sex To Keep Your Job

As a sensible person on the planet earth, can you really say, accuse and want people to believe that you were forced to have sex with your boss from May 2003 to June 2012.

Well this is what the former housekeeper/assistant of the CEO of Waffle House, Joe Rogers Jr., is being accused of. His former employee, Mye Brindle has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss.



Mr. Rogers is worth more than $400 million dollars and has filed a lawsuit against Ms. Brindle stating he was recorded … having sex…. without consent, which is a crime in Georgia, and he was being extorted for money to keep the recordings from going public.

The 43-year old Brindle told police the Waffle House CEO demanded she perform sexual acts over a period of years…. to keep her job….Yea right, it was an affair.

Mr. Rogers, of course, admits he was wrong to have sexual relations with this woman…before during and after his marriage separation and marriage.

And doesn’t his wife looked pissed and betrayedimage

Honestly folks, if you do not have the necessary skills to leave a job where you can be threatened to be fired if you do not do something you are not willing to do, then you need to upgrade your skill-set.

I do not believe someone would stay for years on a job that made them perform tasks they did not want to partake in. I am not walking your dog, I am not watching your chil’ren, I am not washing your nasty drawls or your wifes and I am not sharing my Grown Ass Women Goodies with you to keep a job. Now, it is totally different if those deeds and tasks are part of your job description.

If you DO NOT like your job…..get another. Don’t stay for years and complain when the RELATIONSHIP goes south and your services are no longer needed…. SEXUAL HARASSMENT is real. And you cannot cry wolf when he breaks up with you.

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