Recently as I was getting dressed in the locker room of the YMCA I overheard some young ladies (high school aged) discussing one girls hairstyle. I happened to recognize one of the girls as my son's 10th grade classmate. They were complimenting her saying how nice her hair was. She emphatically responded with "It's a lace front...!". Her friends replied "Oh girl that is nice! Who did it? What kind of hair, how much?"

I have pretty much had natural hair that I could wear curly or straight without any real effort my entire life. It was just recently that I began changing it up a bit. I first tried single twist with hair added about two years ago and then box braids a year after that. I have had French braids (with hair added) and one side braid. I thought I was being bold!!! My latest "hairventure" is Bohemian curly hair crocheted into my braided hair. I can't imagine having been in middle school, high school, and in some cases elementary school worried about the condition of my hair. Worrying about whether it's long, curly, straight enough, or just "good hair"!

After admiring her lace front one of the girls said she was going to get a closure. Now I tried to think of what a closure was and I couldn't quite grasp the concept. So I googled it. I just shook my head in amazement that this is the plight of young girls today. One advantage to having these options today is the fact that you do have options if you are struggling or not happy with your hair. The disadvantage is that it sets parents up for some extremely high salon bills. I wish for the days where little girls can be girls and worry about being a woman when the time is right!!

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