The Hotdog From Hell

I hope you have NEVER ever and EVER never pissed off the person preparing your food like this customer MUST HAVE done. If you are a person in the food industry, and people piss you off enough to spit on food, spit in drinks, put visine in drinks and sprinkle unmentionable things on food, GET ANOTHER DAMN PROFESSION. If you are allowing your customers to get under your skin like this, you do not need to be in the service industry.

We have ALL enjoyed a meal at a restaurant of some sort. I hope nothing like what you witnessed has happened to you. In this video, a waitress propped her leg up on a stool and put a hot dog in her vagina. WHAT THE HELL. And she did entirely too much in between her legs with the DAMN hot dog before putting it on the bun and slathering it with ketchup. We can ONLY assume her next step was serving it to the customer with a huge smile.

From fast food, to diner, to hole in the wall, food cart, to food truck and even fine dining, meals have been prepared and delivered by employees in the places that feed the public. People, remember that we are customers when we leave our service jobs. Be kind and patient with people as we are making our daily journey in life.

By no means am I saying this behavior is acceptable. But, clearly someone made her so upset, she decided to do this despicably, disgusting and heinous act. Her name and the location of this diner are unknown. For future reference, people that eat out and piss off servers... Like Cardi B’s hook says, “Be careful with me”.

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