The Chocolate Easter Bunny

One Easter, my daughter, myself and my four grandsons went to their other grandmother’s house for an Easter egg hunt. After the Easter egg hunt was over, the boys went out back to play for a while. We had bought them each a chocolate bunny that we had promised they could eat after we got home. The boys had left their bunnies in the car and when I went to the car for something I noticed that one of the bunnies was in the sun and was melting so I put them all in the trunk.

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I told my daughter about the melting bunny and she suggested we go to the store and buy another one. I told her I had a better idea and if it didn’t work I would buy another bunny.

On our way home the boys were bragging about  the candy and money they found in the plastic eggs. They didn’t notice their bunnies were missing.

I asked the boys if they had ever heard the story about the Easter bunny that wanted to be a little boy. Of course they said no, so here is the story I made up for them:

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Once upon a time there were four chocolate Easter bunnies that were given to four little boys for Easter. The boys took their chocolate bunnies to an Easter egg hunt. Their mom told them to leave the bunnies in the car on the floor of the backseat so they would be out of the sun. One of the bunnies was accidentally left in the front seat. He could see the brothers running around the front yard shouting and laughing as they were looking for eggs. The little bunny could barely see out the window, so he started jumping up and down and shouting at the brothers,

“There’s one over there! There’s one under that tree! Hey, I want to play!” and so forth. Of course, the brothers couldn’t hear him but he was having so much fun pretending.  He didn’t realize the heat from the sun was melting him.

He started to feel his body reshaping and yelled “help! Someone please, help me!” No one could hear him and the other bunnies were sleep in the back seat.

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When the grandmother went back to the car she noticed the melting bunny in the front seat so she gathered all the bunnies and put them in the trunk where they would be cool and the bunny in the front would stop melting. When she closed the trunk, the sleeping bunnies woke up and saw the deformed bunny and started laughing at him.

“Ew, your ear slid down your neck…Your eye melted …You’re ugly.” He’d had so much fun watching the children and pretending that he was helping them find eggs. He started to cry. The other bunnies just teased him and made fun of his melted features. They told him that children only want perfect chocolate bunnies. 

 I asked my grandson’s if it was true that children only want perfect chocolate bunnies? They all yelled out, “Noooo!” So I asked them if they would want the little melted bunny. They each said yes. So I said “Guess what? He’s in the trunk of the car.” 

They got so excited. They couldn’t wait to see him. I told them that the one who behaved the best the rest of the day could have the bunny. I’ll never forget the big smile on my youngest grandson’s face when I presented him with the deformed chocolate bunny. 


I mailed this version to Reader’s Digest even though the guideline requested 500 words

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