My Neighbors Like Sexual Play Play…Do Yours?

Recently I was discussing with a friend the symbols of SEXUALITY we were unknowingly exposed to as children. Two things in our conversation really caught my attention because I had no idea they meant what they do and did. An upside down pineapple in the grocery cart and a pink flamingo in the front yard were or are ways that people and/or couples identified themselves as interested in swinging.

And for those who do not know, a swinger is someone who is in a relationship and are sharing partners with other obligating parties. You can also break it down as husband swapping, wife swapping, partner swapping, a non-monogamous lifestyle is what swinging is.


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These two images have been plastered sporadically through the subliminal snapshots in my mind. I remember the pink flamingos from my childhood. Plus any scene in the grocery store shot in the late 70’s. The pineapple placement has made it to mailboxes, porches, and clothing. It makes me think back on the families that I knew who had pink flamingos in their yards. They seemed just like other people that I knew. They had children whom I played with and went to churches in the neighborhood.

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I wondered how that conversation began. You walk up to the door of someone with a pink flamingo in the yard and say. “Nice Flamingo. What time should I be here?” What about in the grocery store. A stranger walks to your basket, strokes your pineapple, flips it back up the right way and says, “My place or yours?” Then phone numbers are exchanged? What happens next?

 The thought left a smile on my face, because I had not heard of such things. Yet, I remember them very clear. No wonder the paternity of some childhood friends may have been questionable. What about the households that appeared happy and content and had a pink flamingo in the yard?

What are some things you remember from your childhood that symbolize things other than what you thought?

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