Reality TV HELLLLL!!









REALITY TV HELLLLL!!!                      

  [onehalf]  Who is sick of it???? MEEE. Who keeps tuning in week after week???? MEEEE. But the shows are getting so ridiculous and are too phony to be considered “real” so I’m thinking of going back to reading. LOL. Anyway, here are my thoughts on it ALLLL: RHOA: Kenya needed to get her ass beat but Porsha said she was willing to get or be fired in order to do it so BE GONE! [/onehalf][one_half_last] While they are cleaning house why not have all of them drink bleach. The show is a waste. SIDENOTE: Cynthia shoulda gave Nene a good two-piece combo for calling Peter a BITCH or acting like a BITCH or using BITCH. Showed no respect for either of them, Peter or Cynthia and disrespect does not a friendship make. [/one_half_last][dashed_divider] [/dashed_divider] L&HHATL: I have surprisingly found myself enamored with Mr. Steebie J (Joselynn, not so much). Gotta love a man that is keeping it real, even when he dead ass wrong. Couple of questions though. Did MiMi old behind make a sex vid for profit at 45?? People are going crazy to see the full length version of this but really??? Who wants to see that? Not me. CANCEL THEM. Is Scrappy really back on the show without making one album since the last season? It is Love and HIP HOP, this show is getting as bad as the “housewives” that have NEVER EVER been married. Sheesh. Mr. “No-Neck” Benzino has yet ANOTHER love of his life and her ass is as crazy as he is. She cannot get enough of posting on social media about her love for him, etc. I always said if Mr. Sucka for Luhhh ever found someone to match his effort it would be on–well it is officially ON!!! LOL. Blood, Sweat, and Heels: Micah needs a counselor, not another drink. She has a lot going on behind that façade. She still my girl. She keeps it 100 at all times… normally after one too many drinks though! Why did she tell the little short fashion blogger that she looked like Wesley Snipes??? Why the show producers do a side-by-side and it was true?? She tried to say Micah was slighting her because of her skin color but I say “naw, girl she was calling you ugly and that’s true too!!!”. Rest of the show… yep, you guessed it… a waste. BBWLA:  Jackie is one crafty, old, nice-nasty, old (oh, I said that) woman.  She mixed her daughter to the top of some drama for this show.  Now, THAT is unbelievable to me.  Draya… so??  Draya did accidentally whoop Sundy’s behind though. Little accident murderer.  Malaysia… she had me laughing when she said do not mess with her because she was a “trained to go killah”, wearing her Loubs and pearls.  Don’t let the packaging fool ya??  HAHAHA. Love in the City: I am looking forward to OWN’s reality show. I am acquainted with one of the girl’s and interested to see how much reality is really involved in the making of one of these shows, viewing it with some prior insight may help. STAY TUNED!!!

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