Powerful Female Engineers Breaking Barriers To Brilliance

While being a male-dominated career, there are quite a few enticing options including and not limited as an engineer: mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, architectural, computer hardware, petroleum, materials, agricultural, chemical, drafting, and design engineering to feature a few.
While in demand and an exceptionally lucrative career choice,
In an MIT News blog post, Peter Dizikes writes, "Overall, about 20 percent of undergraduate engineering degrees are awarded to women, but only 13 percent of the engineering workforce is female."
MIT News

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More Than 40 of 2017's Powerful Female Engineers

I ran across a great post by Julie Bort of BusinessInsider featuring 43 MOST POWERFUL FEMALE ENGINEERS in 2017. There are great gems in the forefront and making technological advances in the world like LinkedIn's Kamilah Taylor, Airbnb's Surabhi Gupta, Netflix's Anne Aaron, and 23andMe's Joyce Tung.

Kamilah Taylor

Linkedin Kamiliah Taylor


Featured in the Business Insider are #42, Kamilah Taylor, senior software engineer at LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals. She joined LinkedIn in 2012 and has made leaps and bounds with the company, which was purchased by Microsoft. Jamaican born Kamilah received her Master's degree in computer science, specializing in robotics, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her bachelor's in maths and computer science from the University of the West Indies. Kamilah's Webpage


Surabhi Gupta

Surabhi Gupta Airbnb

Also featured is #36, Stanford graduate and once a software engineer at Google, Surabhi Gupta is now the Director of Engineering at Airbnb. Gupta leads Engineering for the Homes business which includes Growth, Search, Host and Business Travel. Airbnb Marketplace Matchmaking Video

While women are leaving the engineering field for reasons such as supervisors that are not understanding, sexism, staying home to raise a family, and lack of opportunities to advance. Rebecca Adams of Huffingtonpost.com writes, "One in four female engineers leave the field after age 30, compared to only one in 10 male engineers, according to the Society of Women Engineers."

Breaking Through Engineering's Glass Ceiling

Fighting and breaking through the ceilings and other male created obstacles that exist and keep women from making the same advancements, as well as salaries is not an easy feat. These women are making sacrifices as trendsetters, making advancements in cutting-edge technology and industry innovators as they persevere as engineers. Enjoy her post and see who the other 41 top female engineers are.

Julie Bort of Business Insider

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