My Husband Calls My Son Names

I Need Some Grown Ass Advice

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My husband is always calling our slightly overweight 12 year old, big boy, chunky butt, fat man and any pet name that makes reference to our child being a little chubby. I have asked him to stop and I have discussed how negative this could be.

I told his ass that he needs to stop giving our child so many sweets, taking him to fast food spots as rewards for things. He does not take him to do anything athletic inside or outside. His reason, he does not have time.

What should I do?

I understand that it is frustrating to hear your husband saying derogatory things to your son.  As a mom you are on the right path by communicating your concerns with your husband. Regardless of your husband’s reasoning it is not only hurtful but damaging to your son.  It is important to also express nutrition and health with your son and as a family begin to make changes.

Finally, is their any particular reason why you can’t involve your son in sports or outside play. Sometimes one spouse needs a catalyst to begin to take interest. Your husband may join in if he witnesses you outside throwing the ball, watching him play sports or even taking a walk.  Be the change you want to see and all else may follow.

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