A Maya Angelou Conversation About Being The Rainbow

We never know if the cloud is currently raining on them. Are they dealing with loud rumbles of thunder or bolts of lightning striking at their aura? Are they in full combat mode or are they recovering? Clearly, they are off balance and out of alignment. How can we assist this friend, family member or person we are unfamiliar with?

There are so many reasons why those we interact with and encounter in life have clouds. Here are a few:
• Financial Responsibilities
• Self-Doubt
• Changes/Loss in Income
• Health Issues
• Loss of Friend/Loved One
• Bad News
• Insecurities
• Relationship
• Weight Issues




That is the moment Dr. Maya Angelou speaks of

Say something powerful

“If you ever need a listening ear, I am here”

“Life often seems overwhelming. The present is not your future”

“You are loved and you will soon be on the other side of this”

“You are a phenomenal person”

“Smile your way through this”

“I appreciate you”

“You are more than enough”

“Your even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside”

Be Uplifting * Be Helpful * Show Kindness

It does not have to be long or uncomfortable encounter, simply inject some positivity in their lives. Continue to share your love light. Do NOT allow their cloud to consume you.

The fabulous thing is, we can, have, will and do come through on the other side of personal conflict and turmoil. The question is, who have we damaged with our words on the way to the other side. Focus on keeping that to a minimum by quickly recognizing what is happening and share those same positive words you would bestow to another with yourself.

I have a friend named Blue. And when he gives you a hug, it is so tight. If you are fortunate enough to be shorter than him and fortunate enough to be a woman, he will lift you off of your feet and rock you from side to side. You honestly hate when he puts you back on the ground. Everyone loves to see him coming and never wants him to leave. Blue is the rainbow amongst the clouds.

A rainbow is an arch of colors in the sky that show because of how the sun's light and the moisture in the atmosphere react and interact with one another.

That is how the universe shares some of its love light with us mere mortals, through rainbows. When we see them, something is stimulated in our minds. Our heart begins to smile, and we tell those around us to look. We take pictures of this rainbow, talk about where we think it ends and the pot of gold.

Be the good energy, the great energy in the universe.

Make the world a better space every single day like.........

Mahatma Gandhi
Malala Yousafzai
Dr. Maya Angelou

Be the catalyst for the positive conversations that often don't begin that way. Let's take honor in knowing we work and often succeed at filling the hearts of those we encounter with Our Love Light.


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