When A Man Feels Less Than A Man

I thought you said you wouldn’t cheat again….

In this situation, a man has a successful woman as a mate. He was once the alpha male and he is extra masculine in front of his circle of friends. He acted like his shit never stank and he used his penis to mark his territory.


Today we find him in a 17 year (not married)  relationship where in moments of inadequacy, he must find something to use his penis on. In his 17 year situation, the lady in his life is the breadwinner and sits atop a very high throne. As many households in the black community, the woman is the nurturer as well as the main breadwinner. Of course, he contributes, just not as much financially as he would like.


So when the roles change, does this F@c* with the mind of the man? I’m sure, but it doesn’t give him an excuse to roam, wander and penetrate. In fact, one would think it would cause him to feel challenged to step his game up, not reverting back to his prehistoric state of existence.


Has the structure of the family unit crumbled? Did expectations of the father figure fade out? Damn the 70’s and its sexual revolution, the hyper imagery of pimps, and the glorifying of drug dealers. I understand in certain instances and circumstances doing what is needed to survive is essential. But why digress?

  ass   As seen through the eyes of a Gay Ass Biyah

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I have been writing for at least 25 years. I remember when I was in the 6th grade I wrote a short story dealing with teen date rape. My teacher scolded me for writing such mature material. Shunned by the thought of disapproval I became introverted concerning my writing. I might not command the English language but this form of expression is deeply rooted within me. I finished a 10-year writing project, my first book of a three-part series, 2 years ago. The thrill of the accomplishment has allowed a small ember within me to take a spark. Partnering with ‘”Grown Ass Women Know” has given me a platform to Write, Share, Express, Explore, Encourage, and Inspire…..I want to open some boxes and throw away some misconceptions of thy own self as well as others.

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