Jeremy Meeks Found Dead

Jeremy Meeks Found Dead Is A Dead Lie

The shocking news about an infamous sexy, blued-eyed felon, Jeremy Meeks, being killed by his wife was a shocking piece of news. This fake article, posted by caused a frenzy of posts about the death hoax. Facebook and Twitter was filled with over 250,000 shares and posts about the death. image
Posts on Twitter and Facebook quickly began to appear like:

– Wowwwwww Jeremy Meeks wife killed him shorty couldn’t handle the attention

– Jeremy Meeks was killed by his wife an hours after his release.

– Like damn…

Well, the truth is……….


Mr. Jeremy Meeks is STILL in California in jail waiting for another hearing.
The bogus article was posted on, a self-described “satirical” site.
The info stated that Jeremy was found dead by Stockton Police about an hour after being released from jail. The false article claimed that Meeks wife was the one that murdered him with a knife and a gun and she was picked up and arrested by the police.


I even fell for the fake news for a hot second.

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