How dare you call what you do parenting….

I want to type a bit about parenting styles because my home girl and fellow editor told me this was the topic to be shared on GAWK this week. So, Missy Monroe….here we go.

Can we ALL say that we love our children? I know that sometimes, parents have to come off like Denzel Washington in “Fences”. We may even have to get a message across like the no more wire hangers scene in “Mommie Dearest”. How about not parenting like any of the mothers in “Bad Moms”. I remember having to be in the house before the street lights came on.

I still have the same rule for my children. I was raised as a Free-Range child that was a latch key kid. Hell, ALL of my friends parents had a job, so we were ALL latch key kids. I am an only child that was very responsible and trustworthy. I wanted to get good grades and really only needed a box of Corn Flakes with some milk in the fridge to survive and I cannot forget the television was my babysitter.

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I am now a wife and mother of six sons and have two grandsons. So, I have done a lot of parenting and have a few different parenting styles. Honestly, my style depended on the child I was dealing with. I have two sets of children, so the older children were raised in a home where I did not spare the rod and they dared not speak back or question me about anything. My children, in the home now, are raised in a realm of reality that is totally opposite to the first set of children.

Do you let your children make choices on their own?

Are you allowing them to handle situations on their own, especially if you are present and can intervene?

Do you set boundaries and stay on top of reinforcing them?

Did your parents allow you to seek out for adventures in life or did you have to stay close? How do you do it?

Do you allow your children to play outside in the neighborhood or only in your front yard? Were you raised with a tight leash or off the leash?

Let us discuss some styles of parenting.

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Helicopter Parents hover and smother their children. They do not allow their children to experience life because they swoop in to save them and navigate through things for them. These children are constantly being told what to play, how to play, who to play with, and when to play.

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Tiger Parents are extra strict and overly demanding when it comes to their children. They pressure and push their children to be academically successful and reach the high standards they set. Tough love is the basis of this style of parenting, along with very strict rules, and discipline.

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Elephant Parents are very nurturing to their children and tend to be overprotective as well.  They keep their children close to them. They do not depend on any schedule to guide their children. They trust their motherly instincts and connection to their children know what the next move is.

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Lighthouse Parents allow their children enough room to figure things until they are needed. They prepare their children for life knowing they will love them no matter what. Their children know they are always loved, but their parents do not always love their choices. Allowing children to learn the lessons of life by falling and getting up are things lighthouse parents will do. They watch as the children learn by failing and getting back up to do it again. This is a very balanced form of parenting.

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Lawnmower Parents lead the way for their children by clearing a path for them to make sure they do not have any obstacles to deal with.

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Free-Range Parents allow their children to figure things out and limit their supervision. A very hands-off approach when it comes to parenting. Not really a structured style of parenting. A kind of anything goes with Free-Range Parents.

Parenting is the most fulfilling thing I am embarking on in life. Knowing that I am shaping and molding a person that will be a functioning person in society. I am proud to see how my older children have and are continuing to grow and make their marks on the world.

Being a parent ROCKS.

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