Hideous Bridesmaid Dresses

 Bridesmaids – Ugly Dresses



Traditionally, a bridesmaid was to look exactly like the bride.

The bridesmaid’s role was to protect the bride from evil spirits and from people that would do her harm.

They would travel with the bride to the village of the groom and intervene if a disgruntled suitor or some thief trying to steal her virtue or her dowry.











Another role in history was for bridesmaids and ushers to dress in the same clothing as the bride and groom

so they would confuse the evil spirits that were sent to harm the happy couple.


Fast forward to today. The bridesmaid is no longer a protector of the bride’s virtue or her dowry.

She has a few parties to plan and she does the bride’s bidding as she helps plan the wedding.

And her payment in all of this, to purchase an ugly dress that she will never ever ever ever wear again.



These images are forever to be etched in cyberspace history. Some of these dresses should have ended a few friendships.

Why should the bride look nice, in some instances and her girls look horrific?


A bridesmaid’s role was to once ward off evil. Now the evil is their friend  ……THE BRIDE

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