Gardening with Makeba Day 1

We ALL know that GOD has a perfect system of creation in place.

Fertile soil, a seed and LOVE will create something.

What is created depends on what you plant and if the soil is actually fertile. 

I have a client that enjoyed those television shows that shared the journey of finding three choices of homes to a couple and they pick one of the three as their home. He decided that he was willing and able to become a Real Estate Agent. Here is what happened:

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  1. Paid for Real Estate school.
  2. Went to School, Studied and Passed the school exam.
  3. Passed the state exam and posted his license in a Brokers office.

Soil: A man with an unreliable vehicle and a minimal amount of patience. When he realized that it takes more than three options for a couple to decide on the home they will raise their families in, he became argumentative about what he was offering and what they said they wanted.

There are many successful Real Estate Agents. So, clearly, something was not right with the soil this seed was planted in. With any career choice, there will be challenges that need to be addressed to obtain the desired goal of things being lucrative and fulfilling. The soil that this seed was planted in was not fertile. Why? 

My client was not the Fertile Soil. necessary for this REAL ESTATE seed to flousish. He was not patient with customers that needed to look at more homes than the three he had chosen. He also had to cancel and/or reschedule home viewings because his car would have issues. He lost a lot of customers either by giving them to other agents or by them leaving on their own accord.

What is FERTILE SOIL for a Real Estate Agent?

  1. An agent that REALLY listens to his customers and really shows them more than 3 homes.
  2. A seller market for a seller's agent and a buyer's market for a buyer's agent.
  3. An agent with a reliable mode of transportation.
  4. A buyer that is requalified

Those are a few examples of what FERTILE SOIL is in this scenario. 

What dreams or wants do you have for yourself?

Have you done the research to see if you are the seed the fertile soil needs? 

Are you are the fertile soil the seed needs?

What adjustments need to be made to turn your want into something that you have?

Are you strong enough, focused enough and dedicated enough to make your dream a reality?

Evaluating the choices of other people and ourselves in situations are tools I use with my clients. How they were handled and could have been better handled are a part of the assignments I use as I coach my clients. 

If you know that you need assistance in certain areas of your life, contact ME.

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I am embracing everything positive as I enjoy this journey through life. As a LIFE COACH, I focus on bringing extraordinary changes in lives of my clients. By empowering us ALL … the world will be magnificent and full of love. We must #ShareOurLoveLight to keep the light of the universe bright.

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