Death By Fire

Death By Fire

(written as if I were a boy)

 In some scripture in some book in the bible, god said; it won’t be water, but fire next time. Or maybe that was a song. I can hear the words in my head, “God showed Noah showed him the rainbow sign. Said it won’t be water but fire next time.” But god, really….? Balls of flames falling out of the sky is overkill. Humm, that would be the point tho, to kill. Have we really done so badly with the planet that it is time to end our very existence? So, Australia’s layer of ozone continues to deplete and affect the health of the people that live there.  And glaciers are melting also because of global warming. Bees are disappearing and birds are falling out of the sky. Yes, human activities have led to the extinction of so many animals and continue to affect many more. Okay, okay, okay.  The truth is, this is not about Mother Nature. This is about the mind, body, spirit and souls of the human race. Three females collectively held hostage for ten years in Cleveland. Three people killed and 140 injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. But congrats to Kim K and Kanye for making a baby and Prince William and Kate also. Jason Collins came out of the closet and he is looking for another basketball team that will be proud for him to wear their jersey.  While Kerry Rhodes and his disgruntled gay lover are fighting over who will wear his football jersey. Now that I think about it, if I were god, it would not sit well with me if the ungrateful people on a planet I gave them were trying to move to Mars. I could see how these things and many others would make the creator of the universe mad and ready to start over again.

The problem is I am affected by this. Okay, attending church services is not on my list of priorities, but I do bless my food and pray every now and again. Here I am in my robe running for my life in a place that I am a stranger to. Having recently relocating to a new city, I don’t have the slightest idea where to go for help. Where are the nearest YMCA or Boys and Girls Club? Is there a local FEMA location that handles situations like this? Can anyone truly help me if the world is coming to an end?

Running around in my damn house slippers and robe while brimstone falls from the sky are not how I planned to spend my Sunday. I wonder if that chick I met last night is answering her phone. Yea, that would be a great way to end my life. Looking into the eyes of a perfect stranger as we exchange sex faces. That sounds better the more I think about it. Yes sir. As soon as I am able to stop dodging flaming pieces of hail trying to singe off my flesh. I am gonna call her as soon as I get to a telephone. Or hell, I guess I could call my mama.



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