Classic Corset vs Waist Trainer


[onehalf] Waist training should be handled the same as anything that can change the body… some research and DO NOT rush into putting one on. Well actually, you could not rush into putting on a waist trainer because they are so damn tight and constricting. And that is exactly what a grown ass women wants, to have her waist snatched. In the past year and a half or so, there has been much conversation and chatter either way in regards to the benefits and/or health risks. Waist cinching or waist training is done by wearing a constricting garment for a few hours over a period of time. [/onehalf] [one_half_last] If weight lose is part of the goal, eating habits and exercise should be incorporated in this regime. The classid corset is more for fashion and are worn as a garment, not underneath a garment. It can be adjusted with ribbons or zippers or hooks, but would not be the most effective way to train the waist. A corset looks great with a pencil skirt or a pain of jeans and heels. A waist training corset come in many different styles that are made with different types of material. Some are plastic, polyester or rubber. [/one_half_last]


The material should be smooth, strong and not lumpy. Nothing cute about rolls in the seems or panel when you are trying to look curvy and sexy. The bones of the garment should be steel and should have a minimum of 20 bones. This is the secret piece of the trainer that helps to reshape the waist and will help the garment maintain its shape for continued use over long periods of time. The busk should also be steel. It is more secure than hooks or zippers when fastening and staying fastened. Hours per day- moderation- begin only a few hours a day and build that time up. If weight loss is also trying to be obtained, then proper eating and drinking plenty of water is a must.  

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