Confessions of a Fatherless Daughter

  "The truth, it is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great [...]


Recently as I was getting dressed in the locker room of the YMCA I overheard some young ladies (high school aged) [...]

Low Self-Esteem My A*#

She sat across from me as I sat at my desk in my office crying, what I thought were tears of relief. Relief because I [...]

Gardening with Makeba Day 1

What Is A Life Coach?

what is coaching

  WHAT IS LIFE COACHING? We support our clients to improve from where they are [...]

A Maya Angelou Conversation About Being The Rainbow

Maya Collage

We never know if the cloud is currently raining on them. Are they dealing with loud rumbles of thunder or bolts of [...]

We Are Beautiful People

My good people, it is not easy giving birth and keeping it all together. Sometimes there comes divorce, division, [...]

Burn is Good – Tame Those Outer Thighs!

Wake Up Bitch

    So if you think that bikini body is just going to happen, pleasssssssse quit dreaming, cause it [...]

Hailey 5K

                    Hailey [...]