What The Hell

The Hotdog From Hell


Recently as I was getting dressed in the locker room of the YMCA I overheard some young ladies (high school aged) [...]

Low Self-Esteem My A*#

She sat across from me as I sat at my desk in my office crying, what I thought were tears of relief. Relief because I [...]

How dare you call what you do parenting….

I want to type a bit about parenting styles because my home girl and fellow editor told me this was the topic to be [...]

My Neighbors Like Sexual Play Play…Do Yours?

Recently I was discussing with a friend the symbols of SEXUALITY we were unknowingly exposed to as children. Two things [...]

Bad Grammar Is Dangerous

Are advertisers so thirsty that they glorify improper grammar to increase sales? Hell to the Yea ... They Is Be Being [...]

When A Man Feels Less Than A Man

I thought you said you wouldn't cheat again.... In this situation, a man has a successful woman as a mate. He was once [...]

Reality TV HELLLLL!!

                REALITY TV HELLLLL!!!                   [...]

Kevin Hart Million Dollar Extortion Case For Not Being Faithful

kevin hart extorted

  KEVIN HART UNFAITHFUL AND EXTORTED An almost emotional, well-acted out video on social media was what Kevin [...]

4 – Year Old Shares Heroin

What The Hell is a 4 - year old girl doing with 249 bags of heroin at her daycare. Well, this little girl thought her [...]

Waffle House Harassment

Sex To Keep Your Job As a sensible person on the planet earth, can you really say, accuse and want people to believe [...]

Where Is The Damn Baby

Where is the Damn Baby Pseudocyesis is "the belief that you are expecting a baby when you are not really carrying a [...]

Hideous Bridesmaid Dresses

 Bridesmaids - Ugly Dresses   Traditionally, a bridesmaid was to look exactly like the bride. The [...]

Blurred Lines, But No Blurred Pictures

                      BLURRED [...]

Cat Attacks Dog To Save Owner

Cat Attacks Dog To Save Owner   We have all heard the saying "a dog is man's best friend". A boy's best friend [...]


WHAT IN THE HELL??? Now I have heard of some things, but this one is a bit much... DISTILLERY RAISES PIGS TO TASTE [...]


SOLANGE ATTACKS JAY Z Solange Knowles was caught on film frantically hitting, kicking and throwing blows at her [...]

Can’t Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband

Can't Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband Can't Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband Moore and Phaedra [...]

Lark Voorhies’ New Look

Lark Voorhies' New Look Once seen every week by the world, Lark Voorhies was known as Lisa Turtle in “Saved By The [...]

Dad Kicks Son Down Ramp

Really dad! That was some malicious shit you pulled. How dareth the fathereth doeth that to his soneth. I mean [...]

MiMi Faust’s Flick Review

Grown Ass Women Know a farce when we hear one. And MiMi Faust is on a farce frenzy. Just watch and see what we [...]