How Do You Want Your Man To Look

Mens Fitness Collage

How Do You Want Your Man To LookWhen He Is Working Out?                                Yes, Yes. We ALL [...]

What Is A Life Coach?

what is coaching

  WHAT IS LIFE COACHING? We support our clients to improve from where they are [...]

Social Butterfly Buzz Off

 I Need Some Grown Ass AdviceThe following content is a situation that a GAWK reader has shared with us and one of our [...]


A desperate housewife is what I was, until one day I wasn't. My world as I knew it was gone. Trying to get to my new [...]

Special Dark

Hershey's Chocolate Bar Mixtuer

 Mr. Goodbar, Hershey's, and Krackle are always the first ones gone from the candy dish. Everyone leaves the [...]

My Husband Calls My Son Names

I Need Some Grown Ass AdviceThe following content is a situation that a GAWK reader has shared with us and one of our [...]

Bad Grammar Is Dangerous

Are advertisers so thirsty that they glorify improper grammar to increase sales? Hell to the Yea ... They Is Be Being [...]

When A Man Feels Less Than A Man

I thought you said you wouldn't cheat again.... In this situation, a man has a successful woman as a mate. He was once [...]

Eye Candy – Taraji P Henson

  "LOVE is the greatest gift GOD gave us. The best way to show God your appreciation for such a rewarding [...]

We Are Beautiful People

My good people, it is not easy giving birth and keeping it all together. Sometimes there comes divorce, division, [...]

Powerful Female Engineers Breaking Barriers To Brilliance

engineer gif

While being a male-dominated career, there are quite a few enticing options including and not limited as an engineer: [...]

Reality TV HELLLLL!!

                REALITY TV HELLLLL!!!                   [...]

Leaf Mobile Ideas for the Fall

fall collage

Leaf Mobile Ideas for the Fall Leaf Mobile Ideas for the Fall Vibrant oranges, greens, [...]

Kevin Hart Million Dollar Extortion Case For Not Being Faithful

kevin hart extorted

  KEVIN HART UNFAITHFUL AND EXTORTED An almost emotional, well-acted out video on social media was what Kevin [...]

Beyonce’ Drinking and Nursing?

Beyonce' Drinking and Nursing?         There have been many conversations had of [...]

Solange’s Vintage Wedding

Solange's Vintage [...]


4 – Year Old Shares Heroin

What The Hell is a 4 - year old girl doing with 249 bags of heroin at her daycare. Well, this little girl thought her [...]

Waffle House Harassment

Sex To Keep Your Job As a sensible person on the planet earth, can you really say, accuse and want people to believe [...]

Where Is The Damn Baby

Where is the Damn Baby Pseudocyesis is "the belief that you are expecting a baby when you are not really carrying a [...]

Jeremy Meeks Found Dead

Jeremy Meeks Found Dead Is A Dead Lie The shocking news about an infamous sexy, blued-eyed felon, Jeremy Meeks, [...]

Eye Candy

Eye Candy We Keep It Simple Vote For 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 The most recent EYE CANDY is shown HERE at the [...]

Hideous Bridesmaid Dresses

 Bridesmaids - Ugly Dresses   Traditionally, a bridesmaid was to look exactly like the bride. The [...]

In the Art of Love and War

The Art Of Love And War There are things that could border the line of selfish and low self-esteem. Recently I was [...]