Can’t Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband

Can’t Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband apollo-arrested-more-details Can’t Turn An Ex-Felon Into A Law Abiding Husband Moore and Phaedra Parks will not be the only one’s fussing over this ripped and muscular man. Apollo will have a new roommate soon. Apollo must have know what his fate would be when he told Kenya Moore to put money on his books when/if he get locked up.



Apollo Nida, husband of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, was arrested in January 2014 for identity theft and bank fraud. Apollo was in the prison 2004 -2009 for racketeering. He must have enjoyed it so much, he decided that it was worth participating in these crimes and possibly returning.
    Well return he will be. He has pled guilty vs taking it to trial and having all of his audio taped low down and dirty laundry shared with the world.




BmvtcbIgAAYW04 The Department of Justice officials announced that 35 year old Nida admitted he was involved in a scheme worth more that $2 million.  

He pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire, mail and bank fraud. Nida and his conspirators obtained and stolen checks, made fraudulent claims against HUD in more than 10 states, filed fraudulent tax returns, as well as taking out phony auto loans. His sentence hearing is set for July 2014. Apollo could face up to 30 years and also a fine up to $1 million.
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    Sorry, but I can’t get passed his sexiness, ex-felon or not.

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