Blurred Lines, But No Blurred Pictures














I THOUGHT YOU SAID you were just hugging a fan.

So why do I see a reflection in the mirror with your hand grabbing her ASS.

WHAT THE HELL….You ain’t slick Robin Thicke.

[onehalf] From starring roles to only a few minutes in many films over the years, Paula Patton is a woman that people have seen grace the big screen and enjoyed her beautiful smile and flawless looks. She has been in quite a few movies playing different types of characters like Claire in Deja Vu, Mandy in Hitch, Deb in 2 Guns as well as Jane Carter in Mission Impossible. [/onehalf] [one_half_last] Her estranged husband, singer-songwriter Robin Thicke is probably feeling the Mission to reconcile his marriage to Paula is Impossible. I am sure he would love if she took back on the role as leading lady in his life. He just seemed to forget the problem that occurs when he shares her husband with other women. [/one_half_last] image This year at The 2014 Billboard Awards, Robin sang a song titled ‘Get Her Back’ in hopes that maybe she would be watching and believe the lyrics to the song instead of believing her eyes and ears. In most recent months, there has been incriminating photos of this married man’s inability to keep his hands and his lips to himself. Paula and Robin’s separation was announced in February of this year. There have been many rumors, some far fetched and hollywood-like and some regular people drama. imageI There has been talk of a third person in the bedroom that Robin was meeting without Paula. In the menage game, of adding a person in your sex life, there are often rules that neither person can have any bedroom romps without all parties present. This one could or could not be true. image But the marriage infractions that we can see are Robin grabbing some woman’s ass seen in a reflection of a mirror. image As well as a few images of his face and lips a lot-a-bit too close for his wife’s comfort. So, now this man sees what he is missing and is as of lately making public pleas for forgiveness. image And, let’s not forget this Miley Cyrus mess. There has not been any word of wether his recent song and performance has had any impact on Paula. But, there was a woman in the audience that had a face full of his crotch to help her remember the performance. ME

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