Beyonce’ Drinking and Nursing?

Beyonce’ Drinking and Nursing?





There have been many conversations had of Beyonce’ having a glass of red wine. Should a nursing mom have beer or wine? Maybe she was celebrating the fact that she was not nursing anymore. Maybe she has a supply of milk and was going to pump and dump and wait before she nursed the twins.
Whatever the case, many people had a gamut of things to say.

Those that know ME know how I feel about Beyonce’ and her pregnancies.  I DON’T BELIEVE SHE WAS PREGNANT.



Her Questionable Pregnancy Images

Many images that I question in regards to her belly size and shape. We ALL remember the taco belly folding up in the infamous television interview.













Look at this distorted belly underneath this flowy, floral dress.

Look the area where the belly and her leg meet.



































AND Four weeks after “giving birth”, she posted a picture with a flat belly and two beautiful babies.




That is not what this post is about. On last Friday, Bey went out on a date with her husband. She looked flawless, as her millionaire ass should, and it looks like she enjoyed herself. Go Beyonce’.


















Post Twin Beauty

She looks fabulous after someone had those babies for her. Yes, there are supplements that can induce lactation. Queen Bey has not mentioned whether or not she is nursing. Looking at Beyonce’s voluptuous boobage, I would say that she is or was breastfeeding. I have six children and of the six, I breastfed two of my children. My boobs were heavy and full as all nursing mom’s breast are.

There have been many comments, good and not so good that has been fuel by this image. A few choice people had many praises and shaming.

Below are comments from her IG followers

lboogieart Come on Bey! Live your best life huntee!!!

mbice2012@y40landa that’s actually false. Pump and dump is a myth. You should do more research.

ramalha_dos_santos I tought women who are breastfeeding couldn’t drink alcohol! 👀👀👀

shakaragirlomg This is messed up. #NotImpressed

henryisgud That’s how real Queens sip! Enjoy your day darling

lisa_turner518 Get ur drink on Bey!! Folks are acting like she has the whole damn bottle in her hand. I don’t think some people realize the changes a woman’s body goes through while pregnant. So if she wants a drink who are we to judge.

shamika_banks Guess she’s not breastfeeding 😩😩

Benefits of Breastfeeding

In a People magazine interview, Bey shared that she breastfed Blue for 10 weeks. She encouraged other women to do the same and mentioned the benefits of nursing and how it helped her lose the baby weight.

“I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it; it’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself,” Beyonce said.

Yes, some people said her parenting decision was amiss. There are more praises expresseed of how she should enjoy life to the fullest. Many commenting on her beauty and sending blessings of continued success to Beyonce, Jay, Blue, Sir and Rumi.

Congrats on the new additions.

-Forever Makeba



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