Bad Grammar Is Dangerous

Are advertisers so thirsty that they glorify improper grammar to increase sales? Hell to the Yea … They Is Be Being Thirsty. I was in my car and heard a McDonald’s commercial that made my mouth drop open in disbelief.




Why is it okay to say “might could be fixin’ to fix it for you”? In the ad, the actor mentions something like, “this is how we speak in the South”.  Well, when I hear someone speak this way, I cringe. If I ever hear my children speak this way, I correct them. So, how did this not end up on the floor or on a blooper tv show?





 Children have enough ignorance that has to be dealt with on a daily basis. The music on the radio, murders by police officers or their peers at school, the images and storylines on television and the real-life hazards in many of their lives at home.



It is not okay for McDonald’s or any advertiser to be so money hungry that they glorify and try to capitalize on stereotypical ignorance.

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