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Grown Ass Women Know is a company driven by motivating the world through the strength of women. We strive to empower and uplift women of all shapes, sizes, races, color, creed, and gender preferences. Be part of the Grown Ass Women Know Movement.

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Our story

Our Editor-In-Chief, Makeba Evans, created this website to show women their light will shine bright as long as they continue to do the work. Makeba shares, "By finding strength in the words and thoughts in our minds, we empower ourselves and one another by making our dreams reality."

Grown Ass Women Know is a hub to bring women together and support their efforts toward greatness. We share businesses, poetry, recipes, beauty tips, healthier ways of living, relationship advice and things that keep us strong and loving ourselves and one another.

By leaving the past where it as, we are able to focus on what is presently in front of us and work to master that. Understanding how to use our powers for good, keep our energy functioning in its most effective capacity, Women can and will rule the world. Our goal is to create the foundation to get us there.

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