50 Layer Dip

50 Layer Dip 50 Layers in one Dip Videos : Food Network



Large storage bin
50 ingredients (or 25 ingredients x2)
Sturdy piece of cardboard
Cooking spray
Refried beans
Index cards
Corn or flour tortillas
Step-by-Step Instructions:

Measure the volume of the large storage bin you want to use for your dip.
Divide that number by 50 to find out how much of each ingredient you will need.
Measure your ingredients in advance and have them ready so you can assemble everything at once.
Measure a sturdy piece of cardboard that will divide the container in half, wrap it in aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray. Secure it in the center of the container with the refried beans acting as glue.
Make some stacks of 5 index cards each (or thick cardboard and trim) so that they fit snugly between the center divider and the edge of the container to create compartments for the layers. Wrap these with aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray.
Have a friend help you add ingredients. One person can hold two sets of index cards and make the compartments, and one person can add the ingredients.
Alternate wet and dry ingredients to give the dip structure.
Keep placing one card in front of another to create new compartments so you can continue to add layers.
To make large tortilla chips, put corn or flour tortillas in a pan with oil and fry them whole. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt.
Scoop and eat!

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