4 – Year Old Shares Heroin

What The Hell is a 4 – year old girl doing with 249 bags of heroin at her daycare.
Well, this little girl thought her mommy put treats in her bag to share with her class. The only problem was this was not the powder candy treats that any adult, let alone any child should have a taste of.

Apparently, the family pet tore the 4-year old backpack up and the mother gave her daughter the bag as a replacement.

I wonder if the child’s mother, 30 year old Ashley Tull, knew she would be arrested when she picked the baby up? Or was she hoping the baby did not notice the packs in her bag? Or did she not realize she accidentally gave her daughter the bag with the drugs in it? Either way, to jail she went and later posted $6,000.00 bond.


By the looks of this mugshot, the momma is a mule and not the Queen Pen. If her career choice was to move weight, 3.735 grams to be exact, her life has been changed dramatically. She cannot have any contact with her three children. But she is allowing this lifestyle around her children, she needs someone to shake her life up.

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