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24 Day Ab and Squat Challenge

24 Day Ab and Squat Challenge
This is a voluntary program.
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Food is your friend, and so is exercise.

If your nutrients and your physical fitness are blended and balanced properly, your body will thank you a thousand times over.

Preparing For A Fit Week

Before we begin this 24 Day Fitness Challenge, we need to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. You must drinking plenty of water, to keep your body hydrated and fueling your body with the proper fruits, vegetables and protein.

Eat For Success

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You know what you normally eat and drink. If those things are not a good combination to become a healthier you, then just say NO to the temptation. NO is powerful, especially when we are disciplined enough to tell ourselves YES to SUCCESS.

Clean out your cabinets and your refrigerator. Fill it with food that will help your body be a cleaner temple for life’s journey. In this challenge, we will not tell you what to eat. You can do that research yourself. This is your life. Take care of the ONLY you in the universe.

Below Are The Links For The Workouts – Enjoy

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Day 22

NO more excuses.

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24 Day Ab & Squat Challenge