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Meat Free Journey

Meat Free Journey



My name is Makeba. My mother is Joyce.

We have decided to take a leap in life and NOT EAT MEAT.

I have taken this journey before when I was 28 years old. Today, I am 45. My mother Joyce, has never, ever, ever intentionally NOT eaten meat.

Makeba’s Journey:

The last (LONGEST) time I broke up with meat, I did not do any research and I was probably doing more HARM than good to my body.

My staple was fast food french fries, meat substitutes (WHICH OFTEN CONTAIN SOY – has isoflavones—plant compounds that mimic estrogen ) and some LIVE FOOD – fruit and vegetables.

I have had spells of not eating meat over the past 17 years. Usually for a few weeks at a time.

Joyce’s Journey:

I love meat…always have…pray for me!! The Lord is sending me on this Journey. I don’t know for how long but it has never been something I ever thought about doing. I’ve been walking in the mornings with my daughter and really enjoying doing things with her. When I announced I was going without meat to her, I was as shocked as she was. I had been in prayer about some things. I guess the Lord wanted me to concentrate on something else. Some of y’all know what I’m talking about. Well anyway, I really miss my smoked turkey sandwiches but I have been very creative…..how about a cilantro, tomatoe, cucumber sandwich??? Whaat! I’m just saying…….

So, here we go again. Makeba and Joyce’s Meatless Journey.

One day at a time is ALL we can focus on. So we are.




Author: forevermakeba

I am embracing everything positive as I enjoy this journey through life. As a LIFE COACH, I focus on bringing extraordinary changes in lives of my clients. By empowering us ALL … the world will be magnificent and full of love. We must #ShareOurLoveLight to keep the light of the universe bright. Instagram.com/makebaevans

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