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Day 22 of the 24 Ab and Squat Challenge

Day 22 of the 24 Ab and Squat Challenge

Today is day 22.

We are getting it in and enjoying the progress our bodies are making.

There is one more structured days of exercise. The final day in your Freestyle Fitness Day.

You should feel your endurance building up and your ability to continue through the exercises and not taking many breaks in between.

Make sure to stretch and warm up before any exercise and stretch to cool down after any exercise.

Share with a friend and be each others accountability partners.

Make sure you are preparing healthy meals, have good snack options and drinking plenty of water.

We would love to see you working out and/or preparing your meals, so add the




on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Always listen to your body and modify or stop the exercises,

if necessary. Please consult your physician and stay hydrated.

24 Day Ab and Squat Challenge Printable


Day 22

15 rope climber’s crunches

15 squat jacks

10 plank up/downs

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