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In the Art of Love and War

In the Art of Love and War

The Art Of Love And War

There are things that could border the line of selfish and low self-esteem. Recently I was engaged in a conversation with a young individual who was aware of their selfish character traits and was unapologetic. This individual was complaining about not receiving attention from the person they had an intimate encounter with.

Snippit of the conversation went like this:
“I really wanted to see you. Do you want to hang out?”

“I will let you know.” 

…… Just that simple.

My friend was annoyed by that response and slid into a moment of vulnerability.

I sat listening to him ramble on and on, and in the midst of the conversation,  it occurred to me that he had some self-esteem issues. I mean really, an individual must be selfish along with have low self-esteem to allow how another person chooses to spend their time.

“I will let you know.” …. Could me just about anything.

– There is a previous engagement that I am obligated to the attend.

– I have a doctors appointment.

– I am spending time with my mother.

– Hell, I don’t want to see you when the sun is out.

After I schooled his ass, my friend was enlightened and quickly saw the error of their ways. Then for a few seconds, they sulked in this new angle of self awareness.
Glad my friend resolved his issues with taking an “I will let you know.” and turning it into “I don’t like you, stop calling me”. Really? Your peace should not be validated by the presence of others.

Through The Eyes Of A Gay Biyach


Author: Blue Taylor

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