In the Art of Love and War

The Art Of Love And War There are things that could border the line of selfish and low self-esteem. Recently I was [...]

Eye Candy

Eye Candy We Keep It Simple Vote For 1 or 2 or 3 or

Fluffy Cake Doughnuts

Fluffy Cake Doughnuts Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cook Time: 10 Minutes Ready In: 30 Minutes Servings: [...]

Blueberry Mojito Adult Snow Cone

Blueberry Mojito Adult Snow Cone Ingredients For Blueberry Syrup 1/2 Cup Blueberries (fresh or frozen) 7-8 [...]

Classic Corset vs Waist Trainer

WAIST TRAINING OR A WASTE OF TIME [onehalf] Waist training should be handled the same as anything that can change the [...]

Orange is the new HOT series

If you have Netflix its a 99.9% chance you have watched or heard of their original series "Orange is the new Black" [...]

Rhubarb Basil Cocktail

Rhubarb Basil Cocktail 1 1/2 ounce Vodka 3 ounces Rhubarb Syrup (below) Sparkling water Fresh Basil leaves Rhubarb [...]

Usher Good Kisser

This song has creatively expressed his love of fallatio. Usher has taken kisses in many places of the body and his [...]