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Lark Voorhies’ New Look

Lark Voorhies’ New Look

Lark Voorhies’ New Look Once seen every week by the world, Lark Voorhies was known as Lisa Turtle in “Saved By The Bell” from 1989 -1993. She has done an okay job staying out of the eyes of the media because she is rarely spotted or spoken of. You may recognize this image of Lark Voorhies.


lisa past










But this weekend, in Los Angeles, Lark was seen as she was leaving a premiere in Hollywood. If you were to read the less than nice tweets over the weekend, you would not believe their words until you see her.


















A few years ago, there were rumors of possible mental issues after an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Christina McLarty. If you view the interview, there are a few silent, awkward and a few moments of rambling on about nothing. She has denied bouts with mental issues, while her mother claims that Lark was bipolar.


GAWK hopes she gets some help.
– ME

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Comments (4)

  1. sogawk says:

    What has Lark done to herself. I remember watching her as a teenager thinking how beautiful she was. She needs to stop whatever she is doing to herself….before it is too late.

  2. pbattle says:

    What the hell is “Stage BootCamp”Lark? Wow!

  3. butterflylove27 says:

    Yeah, actually she did an interview a while back about some rare disease she has, so I don’t think she deliberately did this to herself.

  4. Iyeka says:

    Rare disease like a bad case of going to Lil Kim’s plastic surgeon when clearly she shouldn’t have. I need to see medical records to believe otherwise. No offense Butterflylove27. 🙂

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