Wine and Wind Hip Hop Class

  Our Intentions We love connecting with positive people that share great vibes and enjoy having a [...]

Confessions of a Fatherless Daughter

  "The truth, it is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great [...]

Eye Candy 5

OOOOOh BABY do you like it raw? Veggies should actually be eaten raw or lightly cooked. Our bodies are 98.5 degrees [...]

The Hotdog From Hell

Outfit of the Week #1

This is the OUTFIT OF THE WEEK.Bohemian Striped Shirt Maxi

Eye Candy #4

Which one of these men would you want to fix your flat tire? Vote #1....#2....#3....#4 Vote


Recently as I was getting dressed in the locker room of the YMCA I overheard some young ladies (high school aged) [...]

Low Self-Esteem My A*#

She sat across from me as I sat at my desk in my office crying, what I thought were tears of relief. Relief because I [...]

How dare you call what you do parenting….

I want to type a bit about parenting styles because my home girl and fellow editor told me this was the topic to be [...]

Gardening with Makeba Day 1

My Neighbors Like Sexual Play Play…Do Yours?

Recently I was discussing with a friend the symbols of SEXUALITY we were unknowingly exposed to as children. Two things [...]

2019 Vacation Options

Sipping In The Sun Vacations is structuringa 7 to 8 - day vacation including land and air.The $350 deposit is [...]

What Is A Life Coach?

what is coaching

  WHAT IS LIFE COACHING? We support our clients to improve from where they are [...]